Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of the Big Idaho® Potato Truck Commercial

The Dog

Otis is a full pure-bred bloodhound, and he's a specially trained professional actor. Otis is one of a kind, selected as a pup for his handsome looks and willingness to learn. He has appeared in several commercials and if you keep an eye out, you'll probably see him again. He's a happy, funny guy and as you've seen, he lights up the screen.

The Truck

The beautiful vintage 1955 Studebaker is owned by Diane Mortensen, editor of the Snake River Chapter, SDC (Studebaker Drivers Club) in Boise, Idaho. She and her husband, Steve, spent years lovingly restoring it. The truck is one of a limited series that Studebaker produced to announce the introduction of its first V-8. All were painted red and white.

The Music

We've had a lot of calls asking about the music in the commercial. It is a piece of licensed stock music from a company called "Killer Tracks", modified slightly by our advertising agency to fit the commercial scenario.