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Many families look forward to and enjoy time-honored and traditional Thanksgiving preparations year after year. It is the December Holidays— Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's—that offer the opportunity to experiment a bit and try something new. Whether your holiday dinner centers around roast beef or turkey or goose, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) has a remarkable repertoire of recipes certain to make any gathering a four-star event.

Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

Mashed Idaho® potatoes are everyone's favorite! Learn tried and true tips for preparing potatoes in a slow cooker as well as other IPC favorites.
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Latkes and Idaho® Potato Pancakes

Idaho® potatoes are the perfect choice when preparing latkes and potato pancakes.
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Baked Idaho® Potatoes

A piping hot, baked Idaho® potato is a "must have" on everyone's holiday dinner plate.
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New Year's Entertaining

There is an Idaho® potato recipe fit for every style of ringing in the New Year!
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Additional IPC Favorites

Au gratin and other mouth-watering recipes sure to dazzle your guests.
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Entertain Like a Pro

You can easily learn to entertain like a pro with these Idaho® potato-inspired videos and recipes.
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