Watching Waistlines & Wallets

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Watching Waistlines and Wallets

You can literally watch both your wallet and your waistline by incorporating Idaho® potatoes into your diet. Here is a repertoire of recipes created to keep waistlines trim and wallets full. Did you know that a medium-sized potato costs around 25¢, is packed with nutrients and offers convenient portion control? The IPC encourages health- and cost-conscious consumers to consider Idaho® potatoes as an edible canvas -- a nutritious, low-cost building block for every meal of the day.

Breakfast & Brunch

Jump-start your day with a healthy, low-cost breakfast.

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Lunch & Supper

Think of Idaho® potatoes as an "edible canvas" for your next meal.

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Appetizers & Sides

Round out any meal with nutritious starters and sides.

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