Mark Duncanson

Mark Duncanson

Mark Duncanson is the Director of Raw Material procurement at Basic American Foods, the largest potato dehydration operation in North America. Originally from Michigan, he spent the beginning of his career in Finance roles in the automotive industry before transferring to Texas to manage a plant expansion. There he spent most of his 23 years at PepsiCo/Frito-Lay in various Finance and Ag Procurement roles. While he managed a wide variety of ingredients including tomatoes, onions, almonds, peanuts, peppers and chickpeas, his greatest experience has been in potatoes. That extensive knowledge of agronomy and complex supply chains led to his 2018 relocation to Idaho and current role with a new company.

Mark has extensive experience in managing and solving complex problems and identifying creative, money saving solutions. The dynamic aspect of sourcing raw agricultural ingredients has allowed for extensive travel through South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Mark enjoys playing adult league ice hockey and road trips with his family to explore Idaho and the surrounding states. 

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