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Classic Russet

Classic Russet


Released by the Tri-State Breeding Program in 2009, this early to medium variety is a possible replacement for the popular Norkotah. It has excellent fresh-merit ratings and exceeds other leading potatoes in its overall score.


The Classic Russet has an excellent tuber shape and appearance and a high proportion of No. 1s, high solids, and a good fry color. 

Flavor Profile:

The Classic Russet has a higher protein content than many of the standard russet varieties (22–32 percent greater). It also has a high culinary rating, with qualities similar to the Russet Burbank. It is light and fluffy in baking and produces light fries after harvest and shortly thereafter. 


Sold in fresh-pack markets and processed right out of the field or during the early storage season. 

Shippers For This Variety: