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Clearwater Russet

Clearwater Russet


Released by the Tri-State Program in 2009, this is a medium to late variety for both fresh and processing markets. It has a high protein content, measuring 38 percent greater than Russet Burbank. This variety has an exceptionally high yield average and specific gravity, along with high solids.


It produces oblong tubers with brown, medium-heavy russet skin. The eyes are shallow in depth and intermediate in number and are evenly distributed. Tuber set is low, and average tuber size is medium. The flesh is white to creamy white and firm.

Flavor Profile:

Qualities similar to Russet Burbank. A light and fluffy baker with excellent fry characteristics and taste, often outperforming Ranger Russet and Russet Burbank in tests.


Its excellent fry color out of storage and its attractiveness make this variety suitable for both processing and fresh-market usage. It has a high specific gravity and is resistant to sugar ends, as well as most internal and external tuber defects.