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How To Prepare Hash Browns


What is the best way to prepare hash browns?


For best results, use U.S. grade No. 1 fresh Idaho® Potatoes, 120 to 140 count, packed in 50 lb. cartons. Grade No. 2 Idaho® Potatoes, economically packed in bags, are also ideal for hash browns.

You will need approximately 6 pounds of potatoes for 25 – ½-cup servings. We recommend using unpeeled potatoes for hash browns, which will increase yield by 12% or more and the skins will enhance the natural, homemade flavor and appearance. Immediately soak grated potatoes in water to prevent discoloration, or par-cook potatoes before grating or use leftover baked potatoes. Avoid grating too finely or cutting too small to preserve taste and texture.

Hash browns should be grilled at 375°F for 2-4 minutes. Twenty-five servings can be accommodated easily on a 31″ x 32″ grill. Add any optional ingredients or seasonings before grilling, then mix gently on the grill to coat all pieces. Keep the hash brown mixture loose; do not flatten.