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How Many Pounds Of Potatoes Would I Need To Serve Scalloped Potatoes To 100 People?

Sep 15, 2023
Q: How many pounds of potatoes would I need to serve scalloped potatoes to 100 people?
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What Is The Best Way To Store Peeled Potatoes Without Them Browning?

Sep 8, 2023
Q: We are planning to open a fries business but we want to use fresh potatoes, to reduce the work on site, we plan to deliver peeled potatoes to the stores. What is the best way to store peeled potatoes without them browning? Can I vacuum seal peeled potatoes? Is it required to cook potatoes first before vacuum sealing or just wash, peel then seal? Are vacuum sealed potatoes need to be refrigerated?
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What Temperature Should The Bread Warming Drawer Be At To Keep My Potatoes Warm?

Sep 1, 2023
Q: I saw your post with someone asking what is the best method for keeping baked potatoes warm all day and you answered that a bread warming drawer would be best. What temperature should the drawer be at? Also, if I do not sell enough at the end of the day could I put them in the refrigerator and reuse the potatoes again the next day?
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My Potato Has Large Lumps In It And After Baking And Mashing It The Lumps Are Not Going Away. What Is This?

Aug 31, 2023
Q: My potato has large lumps in it and after baking and mashing it the lumps are not going away. What is this?
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What Recommendations Do You Have For Me For Properly Bagging French Fries?

Aug 25, 2023
Q: I own two fast casual burger restaurants in middle Tennessee. We only serve Idaho grown potatoes. 50% of our orders are to go orders/take-out orders. While I understand that using styrofoam boxes is a huge no-no for bagging french fries, it is not clear what is recommended for proper bagging of hot french fries. I recognized that french fries need to be ventilated when bagged. What recommendations do you have for me for properly bagging french fries? What can you teach me when bagging french fries?
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Why Do I Need To Use Corn Starch And Vinegar While Making Restaurant Potato Fries?

Aug 25, 2023
Q: Why do I need to use corn starch and vinegar while making restaurant potato fries?
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Is Black Dot Fungus On Potatoes Okay To Eat Once Cooked?

Aug 18, 2023
Q: Is Black Dot Fungus on potatoes okay to eat once cooked?
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If I Am Cooking A Potato In An Electric Roaster, After I Was Them Should I Still Pierce Them With A Fork?

Aug 11, 2023
Q: If I am cooking a potato in an electric roaster, after I was them should I still pierce them with a fork?
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Should I Soak My Red And Yellow Potatoes In Water Like I Do For Russets?

Aug 4, 2023
Q: Should I soak my red and yellow potatoes in water like I do for Russets?
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What Is The Size Range In Ounces On Yukon Gold B Potatoes?

Jul 28, 2023
Q: Hi! What is the size range in ounces on Yukon Gold B potatoes?
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