Julianne Ratliff

Culinary director
Macy's/Macy's Foodservice

Culinary director for Macy’s – responsible for all menus and back of house operations for the Food Division.

I have been with the company for over 15 years, the past 3 in my current role. Prior to Macy’s I was a first an Executive Chef then Food and Beverage Director for Restaurants Unlimited (their restaurants include the Palomino and Kincaid’s brands).

Macy’s has all types of foodservice in over 50 stores across the country; Catering, quick serve, full serve, and Starbucks. I'm based out of Minneapolis, MN.

I have developed concepts with our Macy’s culinary council Chefs that we currently run in our stores:

  • Frontera Fresco with Rick Bayless
  • Noodles with Takashi Yagahashi
  • Marc Burger with Marcus Samuelsson

Last year, my team and I developed over 200 new recipes for our concepts.

This year, we focused of healthier selections on our menus in addition to the iconic favorites. We were able to offer about a third of our menu items less than 650 calories. Macy’s is celebrating 125 years in food service this year. We held a celebration in our Iconic flagship restaurant the Walnut Room on May 16th featuring an Idaho Baked Potato bar that had 125 toppings for guests to choose from.